About Us

MecTalents Staffing

MecTalents Staffing (MTS) is committed to providing quality care, high standards of service, long lasting relationships and excellent staffing services in the healthcare and engineering industries. MTS is about having access to dedicated and experienced professionals of the highest quality. We provide top-notch staffing services in hospitals, nursing facilities or homes, and engineering companies.  Our commitments to high professional and ethical standards mean you can rely on us as a trustworthy partner to provide quality services.

Healthcare Staffing

MTS is a reliable and talented liaison for healthcare organizations to connect with experienced nurses to fill on-demand shifts. We offer jobs with competitive wages, flexible schedules and assignments, prompt payments and bonuses. You can pick your own shifts and schedules, based on your availabilities and comfort. MecTalents Staffing is well recognized for its solid pool of talented candidates. Our goal is to connect highest quality talents of professionals with healthcare facilities while providing high quality customer service.

Engineering Staffing

The engineering industry is a dynamic and competitive market, increasingly adopting smart and innovative technologies in its day-to-day operations. MTS is experienced in seeking top engineering talents with specific technical expertise, to help organizations around the world advance their business goals. MTS is operated by qualified engineers and scholars, averaging over 20 years of professional experience. MecTalents Staffing will provide great experience with vast knowledge in various engineering disciplines, such as electrical, electronics, computer, information technology, telecommunications, civil, chemical and mechanical engineering. The engineers have experience and outstanding academic backgrounds, with Ph.D and doctorate degrees in various engineering disciplines. MTS is a great staffing agency that will help connect employers with qualified professionals who have the experience they need. Our commitment and flexibility to innovative and customized solutions is unparalleled.

IT Staffing

With an increasing need for bulk data management, predictions and security in a fast-paced innovative market, there is a quest for skills in data sciences, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, web development, cloud computing, computer networking and programming, just to highlight a few. MecTalents Staffing is experienced in providing high-quality IT staffing solutions to companies, thereby helping them meet their distinct needs.